#RunTheDate May 1st – 1km. I’m Sure They’ll All Be Like That

Ok, #RunTheDate has started with a bang. I decided it would be good to write a post on most days and on the first day in particular. I’m also aware that it will probably take longer to write this small post about the first day than it took to run the first day’s mileage.

1st May. Day 1. 1 km. Job done. It wasn’t even long enough to creep out of my Strava privacy radius so the small lap of the park out the back will sneak by barely noticed. I did at least get photo evidence and of course Strava summaries to prove its existence:

May 1st 1 km successfully completed

I did also put proper kit on but, and keep this to yourselves, I didn’t shower. Although this isn’t clear in the picture either, I actually ran 1.02km. Outrageous, I hear you gasp. I’ll do this quite a lot. Occasionally, strava is a cruel master and steals 10 or 20m from your run when it downloads it. Therefore, to avoid such shenanigans playing havoc with my totals, I’ll over run slightly each day. My OCD will cope much better with 1.02km than 0.99km. The latter obviously not completing the day successfully.

The other reason for over running is part of the long game. The total kilometrage (definitely a word) for the month is 496km. My OCD again couldn’t let this sit without rounding it up to 500km. Therefore by creeping it over each day, the extra roundup mileage in that final hellish week won’t be as much!

Ok, I can’t believe I’ve written so much about a 1km run. Since the run was so unremarkable, it’s probably a good idea to quickly why I’m doing this now. I’ve already gone through the charity reasoning and this is the primary reason by a country mile (or kilometre for today). The other reason is that there is unlikely to be a better chance to try this kind of challenge. The F1 shutdown is continuing fortunately until the end of May, meaning I have the time to fit in the runs without neglecting family or other commitments anywhere near as much as if I had to work as well. Therefore, what better time to try this?

There is obviously the elephant in the room who is shouting that I obviously don’t need to try this at all. The elephant doesn’t know me very well though. If there’s a challenge to be had and a good cause to do it for, who am I to turn it down? Check back in 30 days to see if I still have such a positive outlook on the whole thing!

Ok, time for bed now, I’ve got 2km to run tomorrow.



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