#RunTheDate May 4th – 4km. A Subconscious Fear That I Might Forget A Day

I didn’t obviously forget today but it is something I’ve thought about. As the day wore on, there was a small worry that sat minutely yet noticeably in my head. I’d always planned to go out early evening but there’s always the chance something might come up and then what if, for some reason, I just forgot to go out.

This wouldn’t be an issue later in the month as the runs will be much more significant. These early days though, when the runs are still going through the motions, I’d feel such a dope failing so early on with such a poor excuse.

Does make me wonder though if I could get one run done at 23:30 then power through into the next one after midnight? I guess so, if I wasn’t bothered about sleep. Which I am. So it’s not really an option.

In fact, none of this really is even worthy of discussion because I did go out. I went out exactly as planned and didn’t forget. Here you go:

Day 4, 4km done. The shirt is that bright

It looks brighter than it actually was in the background. This is noteworthy because, given the time I went out, I had romantic visions of a beautiful sunset run in the woods. The problem was, the main prerequisite of a sunset run in the woods is that you make sure you get to the woods before the sun has set.

I failed to do so meaning I had a (still enjoyable) back drop of rapidly darkening woods. Still, yet again, I did feel lucky to be able to get to such a great place to run so easily. Even if my timing sucks.

Dsrker than anticipated Hazelborough Forest again!

To soften the blow of my poor time judgement, however, I still caught a bit of the sunset once I was out of the woods and up on higher ground. Saying higher ground gives illusions of craggy, mountainous terrain. I mean just up a small hill into the village.

Still worth seeing even if not the romantic wooded scene I’d envisaged

Massive excitement for tomorrow. 5k now opens up more than a few options to get somewhere interesting other than round the village. I guess this is also beginning to class as a proper running distance now. Things are slowly hotting up…

Thanks again for keeping track and catching up on my daily progress

Usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



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