#RunTheDate May 11th – 11km. Can I Include Trips to the Toilet?

I have a 5°C cutoff during the winter. Below this is definitely glove running weather. My long sleeve cutoff is usually around 0°C. Why do you need to know this, it’s May?

I was up and out early this morning to rattle off the miles. Outrageously it was 4°C so obviously triggered the cutoff. However, it’s May. For that reason alone I couldn’t bring myself to do it and accept that summer has taken a back seat for a while.

Instead I stubbornly shivered along proving a point to absolutely nobody but myself. All the same, it was a great morning in the woods which I shared only with a fox, a couple of deer and two red kites.

Sunrise, bed hair and realisation that it’s colder than I thought

Tbe distances are clearly ramping up every day (that’s the whole point) and I’ve been thinking about what should contribute towards the daily mileage, hence the title. For example, often we might go out to give the kids a walk (or exercise them). That might be another km or so. Does that count too? Should it?

This is likely to be a very unpopular decision to me in 2 weeks’ time but I’ll only take distances from runs outside or on the treadmill. Otherwise, where do you draw the line? I could take steps walking to the toilet and count those. Maybe that’s all I’ll be capable of by the 30th but that seems crazy to me. So runs only.

Then again, if they’re all like this, it should only come down to whether my legs will carry me rather than a lack of nice areas in which to run:

Hazelborough Forest, 6:30am, Silverstone

I only mention the time to feel more smug. Going early gives me the whole day to recover and roll and stretch accordingly too so it’s not all for show and self praise. Well, some. Plus, the woods are so peaceful first thing.

12km seems a lot tomorrow. First time I’ve ever run 11 days on the trot. In 9 years of consistent running, I’m surprised at that but also now a little nervous that I probably should have done it at least once previously to prepare myself in some way for what is to come.

That would be boring though. Wouldn’t it? (Said in least convincing tone possible)

Anyway, we’ll see, makes it all the more exciting. Again, make that sound convincing when you read it. 12km will seem short in 2 weeks. Thanks for checking in again, see you tomorrow.

Usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



    1. Wow, that’s another level! It’s always been at the back of my mind as a possible next challenge. This one is daunting enough though! I think I’ve come across Brutal Claire, is she the Deca Ironman lady? Big respect to them both which will probably get bigger before the end of the month! Is there any way of tracking their progress too?


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