Air Ambulance Charity

As explained in the ‘About’ page, I ran the London marathon in 2016 for the Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Air Ambulance, as well as the National Children’s Air Ambulance Charities.

Air Ambulance Website


I’m not going to ram this down your throats as, for now, my sponsorship days are over.  I raised £2000 for these guys in 2016 and I couldn’t have been more proud.


Outrageously, these charities are given no government funding at all.  I’ll slide my soapbox to one side before I begin to vent about the organisations that do get funding.  I’m sure many of you know about the Air Ambulance and take it for granted that if any of you or your family need, they’d be straight on the case.  The work they do is fantastic and each trip out costs on average £1800.  Considering they can do 3 or 4 trips a day, this is quite some budget required.


Initially I gulped at the prospect of raising £2000 for this cause but considering how much of a drop in the ocean this is for them, it was the least I could do.


As I said, I’m not currently raising sponsorship for them, just focusing on my running and pushing myself as far as I can given that I am fit (ish) and healthy (ish) and have the privilege to be able to do so.  If I were to run London again, I would definitely be looking to raise more for these guys.  Therefore, I still felt it worthy to have a literary nod to them on this blog