Pre-Race Thames Path 100k Challenge Sept 2019

This will be my next major ultra test and my first 100km race. It is on 7th Sept 2019 and is the current focus of all of my training and most of my blog posts, albeit sometimes a tenuous focus.

For those of you keen to join me and take this on, the website is here:

Thames Path 100k Challenge

Satisfyingly, having put myself through the Thames Trot 50-miler in 2018, which ran from Oxford to Henley, the 100km challenge runs (or walks!) from Putney in London also to Henley.

This satisfies my neat-loving brain since I’ll have covered a large proportion of the Thames in just two runs, both of which ended in Henley, a place in which I will be accustomed to arriving slightly delirious and heavily exhausted.

Keep track of the blog posts up until the event and I promise a rip-roaring, lavish race report once it’s all finished