#RunTheDate May 30th – 30km. First Ever 100-Mile Week Done

May Distance Run: 465km

Distance Remaining: 31km

If I’m honest, I certainly never thought I’d finish my first ever 100-mile week and still have another 31km to do the following day. But here I am, 102 miles into this week with the final 31km run to rattle off tomorrow.

I say ‘rattle off’ in the hope that my mind and legs see it as insignificantly as possible. The fact is, with just one run left, I’m going to get round even if I have to crawl round! Enough predicting tomorrow’s doom anyway, how was today?

I’m really starting to get used to dragging myself out of bed and just getting out there. The minor hatred my legs throw at me during the first few kilometres is all part of the fun now. I obviously use the term ‘fun’ loosely. I didn’t need the help of the Baywatch theme tune today to get the legs playing ball. I’m convinced the sunshine is helping to keep thing so much more positive as well. Today was no exception with a fab run along the canal:

Grand Union Canal at Stoke Bruerne, 7am

Only really once I approached the end at around 27 or 28km did my legs start to get really tired. The route I chose ended up with a couple of long, slow uphills back into the village. This was poorly thought out if I wanted an easy time of it at the end.

I’m generally sticking to roads now for my runs such is my paranoia that I’ll roll an ankle on a trail. The trails are all so dry at the moment that it is heavy going sometimes and it’d be such a shame to injure myself so near the finish line. Having said that I still had a good 6km along the canal towpath but I couldn’t resist it given the weather. Apart from that nervous 6km, it was a lovely, chilled out run. As I near the end, I’m actually trying to lap it up as much and take in as many memories from it as I can. It’s been a very unique set of circumstances that has allowed me to attempt this in the first place so I won’t get the chance to do something like this very often.

So…last day tomorrow on what has been a long, amazing challenge that I’ve enjoyed immensely. The forecast is certainly as good as today which will be a great way to finish:

Today’s sunrise, Towcester 6am

Let’s try and wrap up this 196km week with no dramas in the morning. It could well be quite some time before I end up doing 196km in a week again. That is assuming I can get the 31km in tomorrow in 17 hours of daylight available. I certainly hope I can, unless my legs have got something up their sleeve (or trouser leg?) that they’ve been saving up as a last day special! Time will tell!

Thanks for checking in on me as we get so close to the finish. Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this. Raising as much as possible for the NHS, now I’m way past my target of £1 per km run this month, thanks to your generosity. You are all brilliant.


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