#RunTheDate May 29th – 29km. Petrol Light Is About To Come On

May Distance Run: 435km

Distance Remaining: 61km

I’m certain we’ve all played the game of petrol roulette. You’ve waited a bit too long to fill up and the petrol gauge is getting really offended that you’ve neglected to refill for far too long. You drive along to the petrol station convinced the car is going to start struggling, but unsure of exactly how what will happen when it finally fails on you.

OK we’re not driving cars here (unfortunately!) so why am I talking about it? This is the exact same feeling I have during my runs at the moment. I know I’ve not got a lot juice left in my tank but at the moment everything is still working OK. On top of that, I’m not exactly sure whether my legs will finally give up on me and how that might manifest itself. They’ve only got two more days to last though so I’m getting really quite close to that petrol station.

As it is, we’ve still not run out of petrol. This morning went in a similar vein to other mornings: a fair amount of displeasure from the legs early on. You’d think they’d have realised what’s going on by now. After 4 or 5km again they began to come round to the idea. It was yet another beautiful morning which helped to stay positive and on it massively:

Ventured to Stowe this morning for a change

It went surprisingly smoothly after that. It may have just so happened that my legs beginning to play ball coincided with Spotify giving me the Baywatch Theme Tune to listen to as well. Channeling my inner Mitch Buchanan was clearly the answer so I’ll have that queued up for 30 minutes into tomorrow’s run.

From 5km onwards I tried to keep it chilled out and consistent, hoping my legs wouldn’t run out of petrol and they seemed to hold up fine until the end.

One small plug worth mentioning is today’s snack of choice. I’ve been kindly sent some of these by VO2Vegan and I brought one with me this morning. It absolutely did the job, plus includes peanut butter and chocolate. Winner all round so a big thanks to VO2Vegan for their kind contribution.

Another thumbs up is that their profits this month are being donated to NHS charities too.

Just two runs remaining then with the same philosophy. Get out early, get the distance done in one, chilled out, relaxed effort and hope everything stays intact. I still find it unbelievable that the body will happily carry on doing things I genuinely doubted my body would be able to do a month ago.

Keeping my fingers crossed as we go into the final weekend. Exciting stuff!

Usual reminder of why I’m doing this and the added excitement of being way past my target now which is just amazing. Thank you all:



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