Running Gear

More and more people ask me what kind of kit I use and how I know what to get. The second bit is easy to answer. I don’t.

This page will act as a reference as to what I use during races or training runs. I’ll try and review any new kit that comes along so you can at least see my thought process, however sporadic. Finding new kit can be a total midfield with each manufacturer telling you that their kit is the best. I’m a bit of a traditionalist and, when I find a piece of kit that works for me, I stick to it. I’d be keen to get any of your views if you share the same kit as me or totally disagree. I’m always more than willing to learn from all of your collective experience.


Always a key one. And I’ve always been Saucony.

Current shoes: Saucony Triumph Iso 4 (click for review)

Running Vest

Currently Salomon Advanced Skin 5 Ultra Vest

Review to follow shortly. I’m a huge fan of having flexi-bottles on the sides rather than a huge bladder at the back. For balance and the ability to spread the weight around, this is perfect for me.