Suddenly 6 Months have Passed but Bring on May

That hasn’t meant six months of doing nothing, just no updates as other priorities have taken over. Quite the contrary in fact.

It all started with the Thames Path 100km last September. The race report for this can be found here:

After the various stages of recovery:

1) That was good fun overall…but it still hurts

2) I think I’d like to do something else like that one day. Not for a while though as it still hurts

3) OK my legs have recovered, I’ll sign up for something else at some point

4) Right, I’m still eating recovery amounts of food but not training. I should sign up for something

I then targeted the Cotswold Way 100km for the end of June. I’d begun to ramp up my training for this quite nicely, or at least better than I thought I had for the Thames Path 100. I’d squeezed in a 60km run and in the last few weeks got a marathon distance in:

You obviously know where this is going. I’m sure this is a situation familiar to all of you runners but the Cotswold Way has now been cancelled and I have quite a bit of decent training in my legs. Alas this may go unused until the racing gets going again, whenever it gets going again. There has been some fantastic weather recently (cover picture is a good example from a recent local run), letting us use our exercise allowance to the max. All the cancellations, however, will mean that all this good training in my legs will not ultimately be put to the test.

Or will it? I’m currently coming up with a plan which can fit in with current social distancing guidelines and yet still give a sizeable and slightly nerve wracking challenge. I want something which will challenge me and might even tempt others to join as much or as little as they like, however strong a runner they might be. Watch this space later in the week when I’ll have put it all together. #runthedate

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