#RunTheDate May 10th – 10km. Start Line Nervousness That Lasts All Month

Well I’ve either been asleep for six months or somebody switched the summer off for a while today. Still, the winter Tom would be disappointed to hear that I thought today was cold so shoes on and get out there.

Incidentally, I passed the 1000km mark for the year with today’s run. Not directly linked to the challenge but a little humbling to think I’ll be doing half of that again in this month alone. That’s fine. No, honestly, it’s FINE.

In spite of the weather I ventured to an alternative woods which is a little further afield and one in which I’ve not been for some time. I do obviously have 10km to play with now so have the luxury of such route selection extravagance. I had some surprising, inquisitive yet shy company today too. Strict social distancing applied at all times obviously.

Neatly in line apart from this renegade below
I left at this point, he was encroaching too much

Anyway, that brings me on to the woods and the cryptic title that might only have made sense in my twisted thought process. It has been an odd week in terms of how I’ve felt fitness-wise. The runs have been manageable but, slightly daunted by the coming weeks, I’ve been sensitive to anything which might lead to an injury. I also cannot escape the fact that the final two weeks are both above and beyond what I’ve ever done in a week before now.

This is what I mean by feeling like I’m on a start line. You’re nervous of what will come up and whether you’re up to the task as well as paranoid of anything untoward that mught develop into an injury and take you out during the race. That’s exactly how I’ve felt, not for the hour before a race but all week. The distances are getting serious from now on, 98km this next week, so maybe these nerves will switch to just hard work!

Hang on, I thought you were talking about the woods, I know you’re all shouting. And I’m sure you’re shouting. It is all related, I promise. Today’s woods, Bucknell Woods, are beautiful but also used heavily by horses, even in winter. This means the paths and trails, of which there are many, get really churned up. Come the summer, these churned up paths dry out but are still pitted with hoof prints. I’m sure hoof prints is the correct terminology. This is classic ankle twisting territory for runners so made me especially nervous during today’s 10km. A shame in a way because the woods were beautiful:

Bucknell Woods, Silverstone

So as to ease my injury-fearing little mind, I might give these trails a miss for the time being. I’m really lucky that there are so many other trails and pathways through woods around Silverstone that this really doesn’t restrict me at all.

Foam rolling tonight for tomorrow’s 11km. If anything will help me forget any nervousness it’ll be foam rolling. In fact I’m certain it could be used to help anyone forget anything other than the discomfort it causes.

Thanks for keeping track of me. Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this:


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