#RunTheDate May 12th – 12km. Thrilling Prospect to Reach Another Village

I’d seen this day coming. It wasn’t long ago, well about 9 days, that I could barely reach the edge of the village before I had to turn back. Frustrated by how much of a non-run it was I had the audacity to look ahead to work out when I might reach somewhere else.

I didn’t let you in on this before now as I didn’t want to spread waves of excitement throughout the land during such a sensitive time. That, and I didn’t think you’d care in the slightest. Well, day 12 was such that I could get to our neighbouring village, Abthorpe. So I did. And it was a beautiful day again.

Day 12, 12km done. This is obviously not Abthorpe, just a load of sheep on the way there.
This is though. Abthorpe, makes a change from the woods.

‘Abthorpe, makes a change from the woods’ shows why I shouldn’t write any promotional material for anywhere ever in my life. It was a nice change from the woods though. Even took in a few trails on the way back which are nicely dried out now:

Dabbling with trails on the way back, making the most of the dry weather

I’m also struggling to know how to pace this. I’m running these runs at my usual easy-run pace. The kind of pace for a lazy 10km at the weekend with a nice podcast to listen to. However, this is in no way the pace that I’d ever dream of running an ultra at.

If you’re not familiar with pacing, and who would be really unless you run regularly, my easy pace would be around 5:00 to 5:30 per km. I’d be a total nutcase to run a 100km race at this pace though and would aim for about 6:30 per km. So what should I run these at? Lazy or ultra pace? My instincts tell me I should be nearer the ultra pace. It was as I thought this that made me wonder if I was in fact part lizard.

There’s something about the sun which adds a bit more of a spring in my step. I’ve been deliberately ignoring my watch and running at what feels comfortable. It’s been really noticable that the pace creeps up when the sun’s out. I’m not swiping flies with my tongue yet or shutting down when it gets cold but I’m keeping alert to the possibility. No political pun intended there.

Needless to say 13km tomorrow. So needless I said it anyway. Hopefully run a bit slower. Thanks for keeping check on me; here’s my usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



  1. Pacing is something I have a lot of problems with… And 6.5m/km seems ludicrously fast to me (~10.5 m/mile). I’m glad I’m not racing against you!

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