#RunTheDate May 14th – 14km, Although My Garmin Didn’t Think That Was Enough

What better way to start the post than the way I started the run this morning as I left the house? At first I was hideously offended by the fact it was frosty. May 14th, seriously?!

1°C feels like -3°C. Obviously foolishly just wore shorts and T-shirt

But who could feel down when you encounter a little, fluffy robin warming himself in the sun? I don’t care how tough you are, nobody could look at that and not be delighted:

Fluffy robin, warming in the sun as much as my hands wanted to

Before you switch off because I’ve gone on about how cold it was for too long, on to the run and my disapproving Garmin. I really enjoyed the loop this morning and had been waiting for the 14th to get this one in. Even better to do it early at sunrise. Well, an hour or so after sunrise.

Hazelborough Forest at 6:30am and, below, my increasingly wild bed-hair

It was a wide enough loop to stretch out to Syresham, another neighbouring village (I’m really ticking off the destinations now). This along with the Forests was a great mix of road and trail.

Out of Syresham, back towards Hazelborough

Now, imagine, if you will, I’d finished my run, all 14km of it, showered and was tucking into my breakfast by 8am. This time, I don’t tell you this to be smug, it is necessary to emphasize my surprise. 14km, 13000 steps, 125% of Garmin’s arbitrary daily step target for me. I was pleased with my spritely start to the day. I was clearly alone in this positivity.

Those of you with Garmins will know, it gets a little bit precious if you’re not active for a while and tells you to move. Imagine my horror when I was revelling in my early morning promptness and active smugness when, lo and behold, it still shouts at me to move at 8am. What more does it want?!

15km tomorrow obviously, the sort of half way mark. Needless to say I will be going out with my slave driver of a Garmin. I promise I’ll not make the mistake of feeling like I’ve achieved anything tomorrow though, Master Garmin.

Thanks for checking up on me and reading this far. Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this:


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