#RunTheDate May 26th – 26km. Becoming An Expert Coaxer.

If you’ve ever had to coax a toddler out of their favourite toy shop without creating a scene, then you’ll have some idea of how I felt at the start of today’s run. The legs decided that this morning would be the one on which they would be less easy going than they had been.

How were they like a toddler then? As long as they were gently heading in the direction they were going, all was good. Any quick change of direction or any uneasy footing, then no way, they let me know. Gently encouraging them and guiding them in the vague direction we needed to go was the order of the day. I’d had this for the last few days but the legs seemed a little more touchy today and took longer to finally play ball.

After about 8 or 9km they were finally convinced to come out of the toy shop. I could then sit back, pop on a Ginger Runner podcast (would highly recommend if you’ve not come across him) and enjoy the views. It was another lovely morning so they were easy to enjoy:

Wappenham, 6:30am
Me, still trying to work out my next tactic to get the legs to work with me

And so everything continued pleasantly for the next 8 or 9km until the final phase of the run arrived. At this point, my legs realised they’d been duped into letting me enjoy the run so returned to play further part in the morning. They didn’t hurt as such, they just decided to play tired on me.

Granted, I’d planned to run this one much slower, especially since they were rebelling so much at the start. I had let the pace creep up though as I’d settled in. No no no thought my legs slow it back down again please.

So I did, I stopped for a snack and a drink and to enjoy more peaceful sunshine

Weedon Lois, or just outside obviously

I brought it home like this and, all in all, couldn’t complain really. The legs have had a pounding and, with a bit of recovery TLC today, I’m sure I can convince them to play again tomorrow.

Only 5 days remaining. Again, I’m focussing on days remaining rather than distance. 145km to go, which is still more than the first 16 days put together. Yikes.

Anyway, 5 days to go! Time to let the legs back in the toy shop so I can coax them out again in the morning. Split run tomorrow, so two 13.5kms. Let’s see how the legs enjoy that one.

Thanks again for continuing to check up on me, your comments and support are really helping me through!

Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this. Again, I’m humbled by the support I’ve had through my charity page too, thank you.


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