#RunTheDate May 2nd – 2 km. Difficult in a Very Different Way

Well at least it was long enough today to run out of my Strava privacy settings. Day 2 and 2 km. It sounds manageable and it definitely was. A friend said something to me after the first day, however, which sat with me during today’s #RunTheDate offering.

He said that this will be difficult at the beginning and the end for very different reasons. The former being very much evident today. Compared with the end of the month, the current runs are relatively insignificant. I do have good training on my legs though and I’m really motivated and keen to get this show on the road.

Give me a sunny morning like this and send me out for today’s run. My legs were ready for action and it would have been a perfect morning to chill out in the sunshine for 10km and enjoy myself. Sticking by the rules, however, I did this:

Day 2, 2km. By the book

And this was my dilemma. There was nothing stopping me going longer or even pumping out a 10km run but stopping my watch after 2km. It was a glorious day to be out too:

Lucky really that I can be in such nice surroundings within 1km of home

I’m too much of a stickler for the rules though and couldn’t bring myself to stray from the brief.

There was just a little voice at the back of my mind that said you might just hate yourself in 25 days’ time if you overrun all the runs in these early stages. Maybe the rest and reduced mileage will do me good.

Either way, in about 10 days or so, this will likely seem the most trivial problem to have. I’ll probably tut at my former self for even thinking about it, let alone fill the majority of a blog post with it. Am I the only one who’d be such a stickler for the rules?!


Usual reminder of the overarching reason for doing this 🙂


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