#RunTheDate May 3rd – 3km. Far Enough to Get Somewhere

Ok, 3km is almost becoming a noteworthy run now. I’ll start with a confession though. I’ve used the same kit for the first 3 runs of this challenge. It brings me right back to my teenage years, taking of my shirt, giving it a sniff and thinking (most likely incorrectly), ‘that’ll be fine for tomorrow’. Genuinely, for the first time today I realised it would decidedly be not fine for tomorrow.

3km was a good distance, primarily because, in Silverstone, this means I can make it to the woods and back. Granted, I can only run about 1km in the woods before I have to turn back. Unless of course I run longer but that was yesterday’s dilemma which I won’t get into again now. Anyway, a 1km run in the woods. Yes, it’s not long but the woods are beautiful, even just for 1km.

In fact, I probably spent as long in the woods trying to work out how to take this photo as I did running in them:

Day 3, 3km. No longer loops around the house

As it was, it was a great day for the woods and, given the small amount of hazy sunshine on offer, the colours were beautiful:

Hazelborough Forest. Lucky to be in such close proximity, even for the short distances

Very little drama to add. It still feels like a ticking the box exercise. 4km tomorrow though, breaking the 2 mile mark. Odd that in 3 weeks, I’ll be doing 8 times the distance of today’s run. I suspect I’ll be far less inclined to mess around with cameras then and probably look back on today with a wistful gaze at the times when my legs felt ok.

Still, thanks for checking in…

Usual reminder as to why I’m doing this:


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