#RunTheDate May 5th – 5km. An OCD Victorious Disaster

So as not to tempt yesterday’s irrational fear that I’d forget to run, I got this one out of the way early. Also, since my upcoming mileage has been quite predictable over the last week or so, I’d seen this particular landmark coming up.

I saw it as a glorious moment for my number-obsessed brain. I didn’t seen the cruel twist coming though. As I got back home I notched up my 13000th Strava km. 13000km on the nose. For number freaks like me, that’s as good as it gets. Nice run, good numbers, dry weather, it was all looking good:

Day 5, 5km. Beautiful morning up by Silverstone circuit
Looking smug, fully aware of my upcoming numerical treat

Alas I got home and checked that I had indeed reached that goalpost. I had, don’t worry. But look at how many runs it took me to get there:

13000km in 1299 runs. Yep, 1299. Not 1300.

Oh, if only that was 1300 runs for 13000km. That would have satisfied any numerical twitch for the rest of the year.

Anyway, enough emphasis on how obsessive I can be about numbers, the fact is 5km is done on the 5th and things are still looking ok. 5km let me stretch the legs enough to feel like I’d been for a run and allowed me further afield for a good loop around the circuit.

No sign of anyone at 6:30 so no social distance guilt

Breaking the 3 mile barrier this morning and knocking on 4 miles tomorrow. Plus the prospect of more sunshine. Great stuff.

Thanks for getting this far.

Usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



    1. Yes!! This sums me up perfectly 😄 I also worry if I have a petrol discount voucher that it will still be a tidy number once they’ve taken the discount off 🤦‍♂️😂

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