#RunTheDate May 6th – 6km. Sunshine and Spies

I’m not getting ideas above my station here. I have no intention of setting any kind of James Bond style connotations. I’m also fully aware nobody would want to waste half an hour of their sunny Wednesday afternoon following around the woods on my run.

I’ll get to the spy reference later. What a tease. It was a beautiful afternoon to get the 6km in. 6km is also long enough now that I can venture a good distance into the woods. These are almost becoming good length runs now, especially given the weather. At this point in the woods there is nobody around making it both particularly peaceful and ideal for me tracking any potential undercover surveillance.

Day 6, 6km. Job done
Hazelborough Forest. Perfectly quiet and empty. Perfect for a sneaky wee.

The caption’s right, the other bonus of the quietness was the uninterrupted wee that it allowed. It was at this point I noticed I was being followed. What? No, not as creepy as it sounds although I could have built this up into much more drama. For a couple of minutes after I’d been caught short, I heard rustling in the scrub. Luckily no long lenses and shifty guys in macks. It was this guy:

Cheeky deer tracking me

I appreciate it’s not a great shot but the deer tend not to be willing models. Anyway, added a bit of excitement.

Still happy with everything and now the distances are becoming more interesting. There’s also the prospect of three more days of sunshine. Not too shabby.

7k tomorrow and I might get creative. You’ll see…

Thanks again and here’s the usual reminder of why I’d want to out myself through this (well, apart from the fact I can’t help myself with challenges of this kind!)


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