#RunTheDate May 7th – 7km. Sunrise, sheep and scribbles

A week in already. I’m sure that is representative of exactly how the next 3 weeks will go. Who am I kidding!? 28km in the bag for May, 468km to go!

I got today’s mileage in very first thing and what a morning to do it. In the winter, it takes virtually a year’s worth of motivation to get up and do an early run like this, in the dark and (usually) rain. In the winter I’d also give anything for a chance to go out on a morning like this. I try and use exactly that thought when I go out bleary eyed and crusty mouthed and it gets me up and running in no time. Incidentally, I find the brutality of getting yourself up for a run is good training long term for the end of an ultra race when anything seems like too much effort. Don’t get me wrong, the actual getting out of bed is not something I’ll ever actually enjoy.

Still, my point is, on a morning like this, it quickly becomes a real treat, up with the early sun on a gorgeous day. Something you just don’t get of you run later in the day – the right to be super smug.

May 7th, 7km done. Out by Silverstone circuit, smugness level: high

Even though I’ve broken the 4 mile mark now and could have ventured further from home than I did today, I didn’t. Given the beautiful morning, I was happy just pottering around the village with nobody else around. Well, only a few sheep.

Winterhills, Silverstone. Sheep couldn’t have been less bothered

Not a huge amount left to report apart from the summary of smugness and sunrise. I did, however, mention that I intended to be creative. That’s where the ‘Scribbles’part of the title comes in. You have to understand that it’s all relative. At 6:30am, I’m about as creative as a plain piece of paper. Given I only had 7km to work with, this is all you’ve got I’m afraid:

Low level Strava art. Perhaps I’ll be more ambitious when I’ve got more distance to work with

One week in, then, and still looking good. The runs have definitely transitioned now though from a trivial distraction from the first day to a notable event in the diary by day 7

8km and more sun tomorrow. I’m aware I often finish each post with a reminder of how much distance will come the following day. Like it’s not obvious.

Thanks again and here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this:


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