#RunTheDate May 16th – 16km. Race Against the Garmin Battery

What a difference a day makes. There were a few aspects of yesterday’s run that made me wonder about whether I really could get to the end of the month. Nothing major, just a little tightness. As I said yesterday, there were logical reasons for it, I just preferred to be a doom-monger about it.

Roll on today and sunshine and a chilled out run in the woods. No tightness, everything felt good and I could relax again. Panic over. I say panic, I was hardly running around waving my arms in the air screaming but it was definitely at the back of my mind.

It wasn’t my body which stopped me relaxing today, rather my lack of foresight. This was me before, with time to stop and take pictures even!

Hazelborough Forest, South side, quiet and peaceful today

Shortly after this pic, I got my low battery warning on my watch. In general, this normally gives me about 7km before it dies properly. I’d done 8km and had 8km to go. Total agony!

I was rueing any stopping I’d done for photos up until that point; in fact any stopping at all. Then came the dilemma because I’m trying to slow it down at the moment to prepare for the heavier final weeks. What do you do – speed up to beat the watch battery or slow down knowing the watch might not make it to the end? Have you ever known such drama?!

I opted for the latter but then it all got very exciting by the end as I passed 15km and it was still alive. I mean, I’m not talking Wimbledon Final excitement but the thought I might make it back was almost too much to handle.

My containment of pace was relaxed at this point and I sped up slightly at the prospect of making it back alive. Well, with a battery that was alive.

The last 4 kms, just eeking out a little more to make it back

Anyway, let’s hope the 31st May Tom doesn’t despise today’s Tom for running unnecessarily quickly to make it back arbitrarily so I didn’t need a small top up run. And I didn’t need one. I made it back about 30 seconds before the watch died. An ending of titanic excitement, I’m sure you’ll agree.

17km tomorrow. Again please roll eyes accordingly for my not needing to tell you that. I really will run slower with a full watch battery. Tomorrow is likely to be one of the last ‘all-in-one’ runs. From 18th, I’m likely to split them on some days to help the legs and fit in better with the daily routine.

Thanks again for getting this far and tolerating my battery-related waffling. Here’s my usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



  1. I was just in a similar situation on Tuesday! My Garmin charger died a couple of weeks ago so I had been using my Hubby’s charger but then he went out of town and took his with him. My battery power was running low but still lasted me a couple more days. But on Tuesday, it was almost dead! So I had to RUN FASTER to get the run recorded. As soon as I was done I hit “save” and the Garmin DIED!!! NOOOO!!! It didn’t save to the app before dying tho. So I had to wait and see. He ordered me a new charger and it arrived the next morning. Thankfully when my Garmin was revived so was all of the run info! Yay! But I remember being in a panic and RACING THE GARMIN!!! LOL so stressful!

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    1. Hahaha, what a nightmare! I can totally sympathise! In my experience, they are pretty good at keeping all the data until they’re charged again but still no fun! So stressful too 😄 I don’t think I’ve checked my watch so frequently as during the last km!!

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  2. The drama… edge of my seat. I remember once debating over whether to run at all when I’d forgotten my watch. I opted to go; and as I was running, I thought it silly to even have the debate… I ran before I had the tech, so why not after?

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t it but I’m just the same – I did so many runs before garmins etc where I didn’t time it or see how far I’d gone and didn’t mind at all! Not sure I could consider that nowadays 🤦‍♂️😄

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      1. It really is weird/sad/scary/take your pick how technology has so quickly changed behaviors like that… even for me, a person deliberately limiting the amount of technology I interact with.

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