#RunTheDate May 17th – 17km. Metaphorical and Physical Hope Cottage

It sounds like yet another one for my post challenge diet book but it looked like yesterday’s 3 cooked meals were just about enough to keep the calories in check. I’m only going to have to up my game even more in the next two weeks.

Out early this morning and it was a gorgeous morning. Super still and not too cold. Again any calf or tightness concerns of the last couple of days appear to have gone. The legs felt good. One thing that was clear though, I’m not going to be able to do many more days without bringing a drink or snacks with me.

Like subtle awareness of a drains smell from a sink that soon needs plunging, the distance has suddenly crept into ‘longer distance’ categories with the water and food requirements that go with it. Not this morning though, I’d rather set off after a night’s sleep armed with no food or drink and realise this transition had taken place halfway through the run! Still, it was a nice enough morning for it not to matter today:

Day 17, 17km. Happy as you can look pre 7am

Any future runs where I run the full length in one go will have to have a water bottle now I think. Or at least a chocolate biscuit. As I write about the increasingly long runs, you’ll soon realise that the on-run snacks are a massive highlight for me. Actually, the off-run snacks are an equal highlight too.

What do I mean by full length in one go? Well, I subtly bring that in to introduce the next stage of tactics on certain days over the next couple of weeks. I will be splitting some of the days’ distances into more than one run.

This is not to maximise the number of showers I can take in a day, although it will do this, but for two reasons. Firstly to fit much better around home life and the family. Also, it will help my legs go a little further with recovery between runs being less intense having more shorter runs rather than hefty long ones each day. Where time and legs allow, I’ll still do some full length runs to get the miles done in one go.

Anyway, back to today’s run. 17km allowed a tour of a few villages and woods. Made for a very nice run with bkth the woods adding a good element of tranquility and the name of the cottage below seeming quite fitting!

Bucknell Woods, Silverstone and fittingly Hope Cottage, in Wappenham

18km tomorrow (of course πŸ™„) and likely to be the first split run of the month.

Thanks for checking up on me and as usual here’s a reminder of why I’m doing this:



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