#RunTheDate May 18th – 18km. All the Ingredients of a Good Run, At Least.

It would have made a brilliant start to a YouTube running film this morning. The start of a beautiful, sunny day; very little wind; some empty, dry trails through lush, green countryside. All very nice, sickeningly so I fact. Apart from my not-yet-showered face, it all looked ideal:

Day 18, 18km – done. Just outside Silverstone circuit above

My legs too were playing the part. Some early aches soon went to leave a comfortable, if not (dare I say) quite springy feel to them. Couldn’t really ask for more on day 18, could I? To top it all off, the woods were exactly how I love them: quiet, peaceful, with plenty of wildlife; this deer even stayed around long enough for me to take photos, which never usually happens:

Hazelborough Forest, Silverstone, and inhabitants

This is the perfect set up to bring up something which I’m sure regular runners will be all too familiar with. I’ve listed so many aspects of the run which would make it an absolutely perfect run. The winter version of me would probably be happy to lose a leg to have a day like today. And yet…even with all of this…ungrateful me…just wasn’t feeling it today.

I’m not going to try and reason it out because this happens from time to time. I’ve come to learn that it could be for so many reasons but mainly that sometimes, just sometimes, you just want to get it done.

Luckily this entire week is forecast to be as equally beautiful and sunny. Having devised an approximate timetable with a rough time when I’ll be getting the runs done this week, I’m also feeling better about making sure the runs fit in best with everyone. Therefore, I’ve every reason to believe that normal service will be resumed, as it usually does after a meh run.

I will, however, be ending on a massive high note. You may remember yesterday I rued my lack of snackage. I well and truly made up for that today. A plus point at about 14km in the middle of the sunny woods came in the form of a kitkat:

Not making the same mistake twice today

As I alluded to, snacks feature highly in my running so this did not disappoint. I’ve others planned for the morning too. I’m already excited by those.

Finally, I had wondered about splitting today’s run. In the end, it fit in better to get it all done as one. I’ll do similar tomorrow I expect but perhaps Wednesday’s 20km will be a two-run effort. The minor carrot to prompt you to tune in on Wednesday, I do appreciate, but I always enjoy a cliffhanger, no matter how small the cliff.

On to tomorrow then, I’ll leave it until then to reveal how far I’ll run 😉

Thanks for getting this far with me, and all the way through this post. I’m surprised how long it became in the end!

Usual reminder of why I’m doing this:


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