#RunTheDate May 23rd – 23km. The End of the World Didn’t Come…Yet

May Distance run: 276km

Distance remaining: 220km

I’m aware I spent most of yesterday’s post rueing my positivity, expecting today’s run to be a disaster. It turns out I should have more faith in my legs, at least for today anyway.

It was a really windy day today. The prospect of venturing across the countryside to other villages just wasn’t appealing. I thought it best to stay around the village and take refuge in the woods for a large chunk of the distance. What a wimp.

It’s weird though how I choose my routes, I don’t know if you runners find the same? Sometimes I’m just not feeling a certain route, as in it is almost offensive to consider dragging myself that way. Another day, I relish the prospect of that same route. There’s every chance it’s further proof that I’m just a total weirdo but I wondered if I’m the only one!

Anyway, sheltering from the winds was the order of the day. When I did sneak out of the protection of the woods, I got blown away:

Part-smile, part-grimace. Good winds. Below, in the sheltered woods, much more appealing to my non-intrepid side
Job done, still too quick

Before I veered off on my route tangent, you’ll have gathered that I felt good again today. This is still positive with only 8 days to go. I didn’t focus on my watch, just ran comfortably again. The result was a pace that I still think was far too quick.

I have every reason to believe that at some point next week when my legs are revolting, I’ll refer back to this post. I mean revolting meaning my legs will be staging a revolt, not that they are revolting as in disgusting. The latter must be assumed always. Anyway, when my legs are suffering next week, I want all of you to point me back to this post and say we told you so.

We’ll see next week anyway! I did take a trip up to the circuit on my travels today which seemed particularly bleak on a windy day like this during a time when it should be packed most weekends. Again though, the woods surrounding it provided a great place to run as usual:

Out the back of Becketts, Silverstone circuit, with long, empty grass
Retreating to Hazelborough Forest to shelter

Needless to say, really needless, wait for it…24km tomorrow. It’ll be an early one to get the distance done before much of the day gets going. Fingers crossed this good spell continues, it’s doing wonders for my confidence at the moment.

Thanks again for keeping track of my progress, I really appreciate it.

Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



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