#RunTheDate May 24th – 24km. A Big Week, But Only One Week, Remaining

May Distance Run: 300km

Distance Remaining: 196km

It was with some trepidation that I set foot out the door this morning. I’ve been bigging it up over the last day or two how surprisingly yet pleasingly happy my legs felt.

The other major difference over the last two days is that I’d been getting up a little later (this is small person perspective, so still before 7am) then getting breakfast before heading out for a run. This morning and for the majority of this week, I’ll be up and out early doors to smash our the miles before the day really gets going.

I’d kept my fingers crossed that my legs would still play ball, even if I set off pre-breakfast. Well…they did for the most part. True, I can’t believe there is a person alive whose legs set off spritely and buzzing having been dragged out of bed at 5:15am and expected to get running. These people must be liers. However, kicking things off gingerly and coaxing them into action with a gentle downhill to the woods meant my legs didn’t hate me too much.

By 12km, they were loose enough to help me look reasonably happy:

Hazelborough Forest, don’t know what I was doing here really

I can’t help but think I look superimposed in the picture above. Maybe that’s just me?! I can assure you I’m not. So where are we? I’m 300km in now after a 147km week. This is hands down the biggest running week I’ve ever had – even during my recent 100km race, I only tacked up 113km in that week. Wait until my legs hear what’s in store for next week!

My 196km week starts tomorrow then. On average I’m now burning about 1300 calories each day and increasing) during my run. Cue boring graph:

Calories burnt each day during Run The Date runs

That puts a tall order of taking on about 4000 calories each day. No wonder the Tesco bills have rocketed recently.

I do eat for a large proportion of each day at the moment. If I need to eat too much more the sheep in these fields might have cause to look more worried than they were this morning:

Only company around Silverstone this morning at 5:30.

I’ve also been quite tired all day today. I can’t blame this entirely on running this morning though. It was quite a disrupted night last night and I’ve felt it today. Since sleep really is an important ingredient (see still got food on my mind) in recovery, more sleep is in order for tonight.

The first of the big week tomorrow, kicking off with a 5:30am 25km run. Still can’t believe that, one way or another, this time next week, I’ll have done it, successfully or not since the month of May will have run out. If my legs feel then like they do now, I’ll be both shocked and over the moon.

Thank again for checking in on my progress. Here’s the usual reminder of why I’m doing this:



  1. Awesome progress, Tom, and keep it going! Hardest week Is coming up, for sure, but you’ve made it this far. Even if I’m just a stranger on another continent, I believe you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

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